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Meet New Members and Network!

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Your Clinical Society Needs YOU!

Now is the time to become a part of the Society Leadership! Share your knowledge, energy, and passion.  

Interested in . . . .

    • An opportunity to give back to the Society?
    • A chance to learn new skills ?
    • Increasing your professional connections ?
    • Gaining visibility and credibility?

Click here to see a list of leadership roles that will be available in the spring.

Not ready to take on a leadership role? We have a wonderful esprit de corps and love implementing new ideas and creativity!  

Questions?  Contact Kate RossierCo-Director of Communications

Why I joined the board….and why I keep staying on!

You couldn’t invent a lovelier, more energetic, more fun group of peers than our clinical society board of directors if you tried. And I mean that literally and seriously. I’ve been serving of the board for about 12 years now – three as president about five presidents ago – and…….I’m still here!

I originally became an “active” member working on a mission that totally failed: some 15 years ago we tried to create a pro bono program offering therapy services to returning soldiers at what was then Walter Reed. It was about to happen when there was a turnover in the powers that be at the hospital, and the project fell apart. This is to say that no good effort goes unpunished: two years later I became the society’s president.

Yes, it’s hard to imagine someone who put in the hard time of being the prez hanging around like for so long. But in fact, we all have! Every one of the more recent presidents has had such a hard time giving up the joys of working with wonderful people that we’ve found ways to stay active and involved. We’ve taking on roles as directors, committee chairs, and advisors, and continue to attend not only the quarterly board meetings but the monthly executive committee meetings as well.

Lest you think, “Oh, so it’s a bunch of old-timers running things like they used to,” let me loudly disabuse you of this notion. In the near decade since I was president, the board has grown from about 10 people to 30 or so, with most of the additions being younger members, many working at agencies, who bring so much creativity with them. So the “work” of the society has changed in many exciting ways: it is more inclusive, has a much broader base both of membership and programming, and better reflects the exigencies of the world we live and work in today. We are forward looking, passionate about our evolving mission, and willing to take risks in trying new activities and programs.

One last thought. Since we now have a much broader leadership base, there’s no huge onus on any one volunteer (except maybe The Prez). Many positions are shared, and some of our top officers take long vacations (like a month!) and everyone just covers for each other. Also, there are plenty of smaller, time-limited jobs people can do: volunteer to help at a continuing education event or a MSW school job fair, or host a wine and cheese gathering, or read one bill before a state legislature to see if we need to voice a position on it. All these are good ways of getting to know fellow GWSCSW members and seeing what we do. I guarantee you will find a welcoming group and have a really good time!

Feel free to contact me at - (301) 652-5699.

News & Views

Click here to view and print the current or archived issue of news & views.

Prefer to read this in hard copy?  (Or,,,,, Miss the feel of the actual paper in your hands?). Email Donna Dietz at ( to have your print copy come to you by snail mail.

Upcoming events

Expand your impact, knowledge and friendships!

I would like to invite everyone to consider an exciting opportunity to influence legislators in each of our jurisdictions: join your Legislation and Advocacy Committee! Now is a perfect time to do so, as the legislative sessions begin in January in Maryland and Virginia. DC does not have the same legislative structure as do the two states, so anytime is a perfect time to join the DC committee!

It is widely agreed that given the political climate, local advocacy is currently the most important and effective way to influence the environment that affects our clients and in which we practice. Many of us wish for some way to become more politically active at this time, and our legislative committees provide a ready-made context for just that! It is not difficult to talk to people about subjects that we care deeply about, and that is the crux of what we on the committee do. Legislators, after all, are also people with their own families and issues who care deeply about improving how government and society functions.

You do not need to be a subject matter expert to make a real contribution to our efforts, but if you have a specific interest, say maternal mental health, you can focus your advocacy in that area. Furthermore, if you’re not comfortable advocating in person, you can participate by reading specific bills and giving feedback to the committee and our lobbyists.

Additionally, there are personal advantages to joining us. Participating on a committee broadens and deepens your personal connections with others in the clinical society, and thus enlarges your professional referral base. And, be assured-those of us currently leading the committees will be around to guide all volunteers!

Be sure to contact one of us with any questions or suggestions you might have, or to join one of the committees: in DC, Margot Aronson,; in Maryland, Judy Gallant,; and in Virginia, Judy Ratliff, We look forward to hearing from you. | written by Judy Gallant, LCSW-C

Membership Dues (Tax Deduction)

For 2017 tax year, the percentage that is not deductible for tax purposes is 20%, based on our projected lobbying expenses.  80% of your membership dues is deductible as a valid expense.  

The Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work (GWSCSW) is a membership driven, non-profit, all-volunteer organization of over 850 licensed and pre-licensed clinical social workers who practice in a variety of settings in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Together, we envision healthier communities where the role of clinical social work advances everyone’s freedom and ability to reach their highest potential throughout life. We strive to promote the highest standards of clinical social work practice through education, advocacy, and community. Through these efforts, we affirm our commitment to the needs of those in our profession, our clients, and the community at large.
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