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Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work is run by committees of volunteers who offer their time and professional expertise. In return they receive opportunities to develop professional connections and visibility and to have interesting and fun interactions with colleagues. We all receive the many benefits that the society provides through their generosity.  Please consider volunteering - life is more fun when you get involved!

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See below for brief descriptions of the committees.

 Continuing Education Committee

What We Do

The Continuing Education committee oversees the Continuing Education courses offered each year by the Society. The committee meets monthly from October to May to plan, develop ideas, and schedule continuing education courses. The committee reviews proposals and mentors’ presenters through the process of presenting a course that meets CEU requirements in local jurisdictions and evaluates courses after completion. The committee provides an important service in making ongoing education available to GWSCSW members in an affordable, interesting, and timely manner. 

Our purposes are: to plan continuing education workshops for our members and the mental health community, at large; to generate interest and support in submitting proposals; to develop a schedule of courses for a Fall, Winter, Spring calendar year, including reviewing proposals for compliance with the highest standards, coordinating dates, finding locations for events and following-up with presenters after completion.

These workshops are offered by members of the Society who have a wide range of experience in presenting. We also work to increase the Society's visibility in the community of social workers in the Greater Washington area; and, via the Newsletter, inform the membership of upcoming continuing education events.

Why This Is Important

As an all-volunteer organization and with a mission of providing continuing education opportunities for our members, the committee needs to encourage members to share their knowledge and experience with others and to promote best practices of clinical social work as an avenue for educating others; developing presentation skills and obtaining solid theoretical models for ethical, clinical social work practice.

How You Can Help

  • Do you enjoy meeting new people?
  • Do you enjoy working collaboratively for a shared mission?
  • Are you organized and detail-oriented?
  • Are you a good editor?
  • Are you savvy with small computer tasks?
  • Are you a seasoned educator and enjoy mentoring others?
  • Are you committed to the importance of educating clinical social workers?

If so, this committee offers many opportunities to use your gifts in these areas and promote your identity as an active social worker in the Greater Washington area.

Volunteer Description

Attend monthly 1 hour meetings from September - May; review and discuss proposals between meetings and during meetings; help with scheduling of courses; be a point-person for a presenter; and coordinate with presenter and site location representative.  Announcing call for proposals, reading and selecting appropriate ones.

 Finance Committee

The Finance Committee  headed by the Treasurer will be responsible for overseeing the finances of the Society, preparing periodic financial reports for the Board, working with the Treasurer to prepare an annual budget and ensuring the fiscal integrity and proper accounting of all funds of the Society.

The Finance committee meets three to four times a year, in the fall, winter and spring. The committee's primary job, together with the Treasurer, is to create a budget to be sent to the executive committee and the Board. After the budget has been approved the committee keeps an eye on the implementation: are we on track with getting the income and expenses we had projected and if not, analyze why not. 

 Early Career & Graduate Committee 

What We Do

The Early Career & Graduate committee exists to specifically address the needs of GWSCSW's graduate-level members and early career social workers. We collaborate with other committees to facilitate the ongoing development of GWSCSW programs and functions as they pertain to recent grads, non-independently licensed MSWs, and early career social workers.

Why This Is Important

Though rewarding, clinical social work practice can be challenging, financially perilous, and at times isolating; all this can be especially true for those who are new to the field. By providing support and guidance to early-career social workers, we seek to nurture the growth and development of the next generation of clinical social work leaders.

How You Can Help

Are you new to the field of clinical social work or interested in advocating for the needs and interests of those among us who are newer to the field? Become a member of the Early Education & Graduate Committee! We could currently use help with the following roles and projects:

  • Fill the role of Student Representative
  • Planning and advertising our first graduate committee networking event (Beer & Pretzels)
  • Distributing, collecting, editing, organizing the GWSCSW agency resource directory.

 Leadership/Nominating Committee

What We Do

The Leadership/Nominating Committee is relatively new. Its goal is to foster active involvement and leadership both within and outside the Clinical Society as we join to promote the interests of our members as clinical social workers. We sponsor programs that highlight the many ways in which we can make our voices heard in the community, to the benefit of social work in general and members’ practice in particular. We work to create a broadening leadership base within the Society to maximize sustainability.

Tasked with choosing a slate of officers for the Board each spring, this committee also sponsors programs on leadership in an effort to develop the individual and institutional abilities necessary for continuity and success in today’s world. As our Society’s needs and purpose evolve, we are cognizant of the ever-changing skills required to navigate the worlds of advocacy, technology, and life-long learning. 

Why This Is Important

In today’s world, it has become both easier and more important to have our voices heard. As a volunteer membership association, we rely on the active participation of members to further our interests as individual practitioners and as clinical social workers in a diverse community. In order to continue the effective work of the Society, we need to maintain a creative, evolving leadership base.

How You Can Help

  • Every one of our members is or has the potential to be a leader in our field.
  • Are you interested in developing your personal leadership skills?
  • Would you like to become more active within the Clinical Society as a means of meeting peers and having a say in how we operate as a group?
  • Do you feel strongly about the role of clinical social work in society at large today?

If so, your interests and skills can be put to good use on the Leadership Committee as we work to promote our strengths as individuals and as an organization.

 Legislation & Advocacy Branch

What We Do

We are the advocacy part of our Society. Each of our jurisdictions-DC, Maryland and Virginia-has a legislative committee that monitors various policies, programs, and legislative initiatives having to do with mental health and clinical social work in the State/District, as well as relevant professional licensing and scope of practice issues. Each committee is different, based on individual interests, time, member involvement, and what’s actually happening in the jurisdiction. We keep our membership informed, through our newsletter, website and listserve, of issues that may need prompt action and how we might all be impacted by developments in the legislative and regulatory realms.

Why This Is Important

Clinical social workers are responsible for almost half of all psychotherapy in the United States. When we speak up about issues like health care reform, parity, cultural competency, insurance, “telemedicine”, and so on, our point of view adds an important dimension to the discussion. As Rabbi Hillel said: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?” This really does encompass the importance of what the Legislative Committees do-we advocate for ourselves to help others understand the importance and worth of our profession; we recognize the needs of those who can’t speak for themselves in order to promote justice and the well-being of our clients and of society; and we need to do this work NOW, at the moment when the opportunity presents itself.

How You Can Help

Different people, different ways. If there is a specific issue that you feel passionately about-or if you are an expert on a subject but don’t have a huge amount of time to commit-consider being a resource person for our committees. When we hear of up-coming legislation in your particular area of interest, we would contact you and ask you to read the proposed legislation, write a summary of the issues that should be considered, and/or write a response. Just some examples of issues we could need help with:

  • Licensure
  • Reimbursement
  • Education
  • Child Abuse
  • Autism
  • Confidentiality
  • End of Life Issues
  • Palliative Care
  • Psychiatric Commitment
  • Public Health Systems
  • Guns and Mental Health

If you have a bit more time and would enjoy writing a newsletter article or testimony, the intellectual stimulation of meetings with colleagues to discuss macro issues, or the occasional schmoozing with law-makers, put your skills and passions towards another aspect of our practice and our Society-join the Legislative Committee of the jurisdiction you practice in!

Working with our lobbyist to monitor legislative developments prior to passage of laws and respond as indicated (which may include writing position papers, providing testimony to legislators, working with legislative staff); monitoring and participating in workgroups around key issues; developing relationships with other stakeholder groups; keep membership informed of developments, the potential impact to clinicians and patients, and request contact with legislators as indicated-through list-serve contact and newsletter articles.

Judy Gallant | 301-587-2552 | Email:  

 Membership Committee

What We Do

The Membership committee works to recruit, maintain, and enhance the experience of GWSCSW members. We welcome new members individually, hold an annual tea for new members, and also host small brunches so members can get to know each other and the Society better. We also hold events at the local universities to meet the MWS grads-to-be and encourage them to join. Being on the Membership committee is a great way to meet and welcome new colleagues and we encourage you to join us. 

Our purpose is to attract, welcome, and retain new members. We do this by enhancing the Society's visibility in the community of social workers in the Greater Washington area through member gatherings, newsletter information and university outreach.

Why This Is Important

As an all-volunteer organization, the Society needs to attract new members and promote the involvement of current members to stay vibrant, alive, and meet the needs of its members.

How You Can Help

  • Do you enjoy meeting newcomers?
  • Do you enjoy helping people feel welcomed and acknowledged?
  • Do you enjoy organizing events?
  • Are you good with small computer tasks?
  • Do you like to visit university alma maters and meet social work graduate students?

This committee offers many opportunities to use your gifts in these areas and promote your identity as an active social worker in the Greater Washington area.

Volunteer Description

  • Help send welcome letters to new members
  • Help plan or host New Member Tea in the fall or Bagel Breakfast in the spring
  • Be a liaison to a university to help introduce students to the Society
  • Hand out flowers to the new members at our annual dinner
  • Write an article for the newsletter
  • Bring a friend to an event
  • Join our committee and give us your new ideas.

 Mentor Program

Administer the mentor program, which includes recruiting mentors, responding to applications, arranging matches and then monitoring their outcomes.

 Newsletter Committee

Reaching out for and Gathering submissions from members and other committee members. 

Editor: Nancy Pines | Email: | Advertising:  Donna DietzEmail:

 Social Media Committee

What We Do

The Social Media Committee supports GWSCSW in maintaining its vibrant, relevant professional image through the use of the Internet and social media, also known as web 2.0. Our main focus at this time is the development and maintenance of the society’s Facebook page, as a supplement to the GWSCSW listserv and website.

Why This Is Important

The web and social media are well-established avenues for branding, advertising, connecting, and community building. Yet, the learning curve for utilizing these technologies can be steep, and many of us have valid concerns about privacy and confidentiality. Our goal is to provide support and guidance on using this rewarding medium.

How You Can Help

  • Are you proficient with social media and the use of Internet technology?
  • Do you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., on a regular basis?
  • Do you love discovering new ways of using technology to improve your daily life?

We Need You!!!

Our current needs include the following:

  • Assistance in the continued development of the GWSCSW Facebook page, including policies regarding page updates, discussion prompts, requests for photos, etc.
  • Volunteers who are comfortable posting to the society Facebook page timeline
  • Volunteers interested in the future development of other social media platforms
  • Assistance in the development of educational programs and outreach to familiarize members with web 2.0.

 Volunteer Committee

Recruits new volunteers at events, such as annual dinner, maintains updated lists of volunteers. (Get periodic updates from Donna from new members and from annual renewals). Writes quarterly committee reports for newsletter.

 Wine and Cheese

Provides informal opportunities for GWSCSW members to meet, socialize, and network, most often this is in their homes or offices.
  • Gather host responses and educate possible hosts about what events entail
  • Create quarterly calendar of 3-5 W&C events to be completed in time to be published in Society newsletter. 
  • Hosts are selected to create geographic spread.Schedule is coordinated with GWSCSW calendar so not to interfere with board meetings , CEU classes, etc. 
  • Send proposed schedule to GWSCSW Secretaty for approval 
  • Once schedule approved, create event request form for each event. 
  • Send event forms to prospective hosts tomato sure all information is accurate. Once okay, send to GWSCSW office in time to be published in newsletter. 
  • Send information/instruction sheet tall upcoming hosts for season. 
  • Request they post to listserve 2 weeks and then 1 week prior to the event. 
  • Monitor to make sure this occurs. If not send reminder to host.
  • Post on list serve a listing of upcoming events for season 
  • Answer questions from hosts and other members regarding W&Cs
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