Senior Seminar

Senior Seminars began in 2006 to meet the needs of later career members of our society and those who are pre and post retirement. Presently there are four active groups that meet monthly and there is interest in another group in the N.W. D.C. area. 

From Susan Miller, Seminar leader in Northern Virginia:

We continue to enjoy our group discussions. The group has created a very warm and supportive environment to process the emotional as well the practical aspects of moving into or toward retirement. Thank you for creating the opportunity for us to get together. 

From Beverly Magida in Rebecca Harrison’s McLean Seminar:

For me, the group provides a supportive setting where I can safely share my ambivalent feelings regarding ending my practice after thirty years at the end of this year. This includes discussing my excitement and apprehensions about pursuing my "next life" when so much of my identity has been connected to being a therapist. I also talk with these colleagues about my difficulty referring clients on to other therapists, doubting if they will be able to meet my clients' needs, knowing fully well it is really my expectations that is the issue; a projection  on my part about being the " good enough" therapist.

From Martha Horne in Estelle Berley’s Seminar:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the varied and interesting books – from novels, to books about aging, to professional books – that all relate to our various practices in social work.  The lively discussions of our lives, experiences as social workers and the excellent leadership of the group make the books come alive. I am grateful to the CSSS for its monthly support and reflections on my life as my world has changed over the past eleven years ( can it be?) that I have been in the group.

If interested in participating in one of the seminars, contact the Senior Seminar Chair at
PO Box 711 | Garrisonville, VA  22463 | 202-478-7638 |

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