Study Groups

Why should I attend a study group?

Study Groups promote ongoing social work education, collaboration, peer leadership, and the exploration of a wide range of clinical interests. The GWSCSW Continuing Education Committee has developed procedures to make it possible for GWSCSW members in Study Groups to be granted Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

A study group can be a wonderful resource for Society members, since no fee is charged for participation and members themselves can establish the size, time, place, frequency, content and learning objectives of the group. Generally these groups are led by peers, though they may be leader-led. Group discussion may utilize resources such as books, articles, films, case examples, or even call upon relevant outside expertise.

The chair of the Continuing Education Committee and the Vice President of Education are available for consultation if needed. Each study group should select a coordinator to record attendance and document educational content for each session. At the end of the study group, the leader will submit a list of attendees  the evaluations link. Once completed, a personalized certificate with their CU hours will be given. 

How long does a group last?

These groups can be ongoing, meeting with a closed or open enrollment, or they can be short-term; for example, a group might meet for several sessions prior to the arrival of a distinguished speaker and focus on that person’s contributions.

Can I be in more than one study group?

As long as groups are open versus closed, you can choose to be in more than one study group at a time. 

How does the sign up process work?

Simply reach out to the group facilitator and express your interest. If you have any questions, contact the Committee Chair of Study Groups, at

Can I start a new study group?

Yes! Do not hesitate to suggest any ideas or subject areas that are of interest to you. Leadership roles in study groups are flexible and depend on the structure and nature of your particular group. As the leader, you can select the topic, create the schedule, and set the location. For instance, you could develop a reading list and facilitate discussion or using a more peer-to-peer format, together come up with readings or other forms of media you are going to engage in. You could also establish a study group that is experiential in focus. For example, you could together attend performances or events to enrich discussion and / or readings. 

How do I register my study group with GWSCSW for CEUs?

Complete the following information about your Study Group

  • Learning objectives
  • Education content, including a bibliography
  • List of participants, each participant must be an active member of the Society
  • List of attendees for each meeting
  • Evaluation forms from each attendee at the end of the academic year
  • A check for $25 per person, payable to GWSCSW.
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