Communications Branch

The Communications team provides oversight for external communications and functions, including:

Listserv Committee

  • Moderates listserve
  • Sends out periodic listserve guidelines (quarterly)
  • Helps create guidelines

Newsletter/Advertising Committee

  • Solicits and gathers articles submissions from members and other committee members.
  • Edits, proofs and submits all articles and photos to the Administrator.
  • Gives final approval prior to printing/distribution.
  • The most work is, as expected, towards the end of the month before we publish.

Advertising: Member/Director of Newsletter Advertising does not earn a salary but gets free Continuing Ed as compensation.

Social Media Committee

The Social Media committee is responsible for facilitating GWSCSW's ongoing social media development and increasing its web-presence. This committee's current focus is on determining how the various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) can best support GWSCSW's mission and goals. The Social Media committee will also partner with other committees in bringing education and support to society members on the use of web technology and social media.

  • Maintains and updates the GWSCSW Facebook page with pictures, articles, events, etc.
  • Writes a Tech Tips column for the newsletter (a column with helpful technology tips about any topic that might be useful to the membership about technology or social media)
  • Provides board reports for the newsletter
  • Provides reports at Board meetings
  • Researches and providing tech tips on the listserv as technology or social media questions become relevant on the listserv
  • Holds educational programs about social media and technology
  • Takes and collecting photos from GWSCSW activities/events and sharing with other relevant committees
  • As a committee we:

  • Discuss what expenditures/income we had the previous year and what we would like to replicate or do differently.
  • Discuss what projects, events and associated cost/income we anticipate for the next year.

Additional procedures:

  • The Chair and/or Co-Chairs of the committee communicate via email in order to come to a consensus on what the tech tips should be written about.
  • The Tech Tips are written by the committee chairs (if there are Co-Chairs, both Co-Chairs should look over the tips before they are sent out).
  • GWSCSW events are posted on the Facebook page in a timely manner.
  • The Chair invites other society members to attend posted events on Facebook.
  • The Chair shares GWSCSW events on other relevant Facebook pages (NASW, University of Maryland School of Social Work Facebook page, Catholic University Social Work Facebook page, etc).

Website Committee

  • Writes content.
  • Revises text.
  • Ensures approval from Executive Committee.
  • Works with Executive Administrator (Web Designer).
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