A social work license is required in all U.S. states to practice social work, although jurisdictions vary in the categories of practice they license.

Social work licensing protects the public by setting and enforcing standards for the practice of social work. To practice as a licensed social worker, candidates need to demonstrate that they have met the qualifications outlined by the state or province where they intend to practice.

For more information on licensure, visit: Association of Social Work Boards (

Social Work Licensing Workshop - December 2022

This informative session in the recording below provides the what's and how's of social work professional licensing.  The focus will mainly be for the three local jurisdictions but there will be general information for obtaining your license in other states/jurisdictions.

A Board representative from DC, MD, and VA answers questions about general licenses, clinical licenses, as well as macro options.

DC Health- BOSW Student Presentation 2021.pptx
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