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Board of Directors

Executive Committee


Steve Szopa 
Email: President@gwscsw.org


First Vice President
Laurie Young
Email: VicePresident@gwscsw.org 

Second Vice President

Jennifer Greenberg
Email: VicePresident@gwscsw.org 


Rosemary Moulton
Email: Secretary@gwscsw.org 


Sabine Cornelius
Email: Treasurer@gwscsw.org


Immediate Past President
Nancy Harrington 
Email:  PastPresident@gwscsw.org



Advisor to the Executive Committee
Amanda Slatus
Email: AdvisorEC@gwscsw.org


Advisors to the President
Susan Post
Email: AdvisorPresC@gwscsw.org

Kate Rossier
Email: AdvisorPresC@gwscsw.org 


Branch Directors:

Co-Directors of Communication
Juleen Hoyer
Email: DirCommunication@gwscsw.org

Kate Rossier
Email: DirCommunication@gwscsw.org


Co-Directors of Community
Sue Stevens 
Email: DirCommunity@gwscsw.org


Director of Education

Steven Wechsler
Email: DirEducation@gwscsw.org


Director of Legislation & Advocacy
Judy Gallant
Email: DirLegislation@gwscsw.org


Committees and Chairs:


Awards Coordinator

Carol Santucci
Email: Awards@gwscsw.org

BrownBag-DC-MD Co-Chairs

Amy Johnson
Email: BrownBag-DC-MD@gwscsw.org

Robert S. Seiler, Jr.
Email: BrownBag-DC-MD@gwscsw.org


BrownBag-VA Co-Chairs

Angelina Harris
Email: BrownBag-VA@gwscsw.org

Fran Lewindowski
Email: BrownBag-VA@gwscsw.org



Dolores Paulson
Email: Conferences@gwscsw.org

Continuing Education 

Email: CECommittee@gwscsw.org


Early Career Co-Chairs

Juleen Hoyer
Email: EarlyCareer@gwscsw.org

Amanda Slatus
Email: EarlyCareer@gwscsw.org

Dara Goldberg, Society Historian
Email: Historian@gwscsw.org

Legislation and Advocacy D.C. Chair 
Margot Aronson
Email: LegislationDC@gwscsw.org

Legislation and Advocacy Maryland 

Judy Gallant 
Email: LegislationMD@gwscsw.org

Legislation and Advocacy Virginia Chair

Judy Ratliff
Email: LegislationVA@gwscsw.org

Listserv Moderator

Joel Kanter
Email: Listserv@gwscsw.org

Membership Co-Chairs

Mary Moore  
Email: Membership@gwscsw.org

Mentor Program Coordinator
Nancy Harris
Email: MentorProgram@gwscsw.org

Newsletter Advertising

Donna Dietz, GWSCSW Administrator
Email: admin@gwscsw.org


Jen Kogan
Email: Newsletter@gwscsw.org


Professional Development Co-Chairs
Karen Goldberg
Email: ProfessionalDevelopment@gwscsw.org

Sydney Frymire
Email: ProfessionalDevelopment@gwscsw.crg


Retiree Chair
Grace Lebow 
Email: RetireeRep@gwscsw.org


Social Media Co-Chairs
Juleen Hoyer
Email: SocialMedia@gwscsw.org 

Sara Feldman
Email: SocialMedia@gwscsw.org 


Volunteer Committee
Cristy Novotney
Email: Volunteer@gwscsw.org


Wine & Cheese Networking Coordinator
Amanda Slatus
Email: WineCheeseCoordinator@gwscsw.org


GWSCSW Representatives to the Board:

Capital Area Crisis Response Team (
CACRT) / Disaster Preparedness Liaison
Tybe Diamond 
Email: CACRT@gwscsw.org


CSWA Liaison
Mark O'Shea
Email: CSWA@gwscsw.org


Coalition on Confidentiality, DC Liaison
Danille Drake 
Email: Confidentiality@gwscsw.org


Coalition for Excellence in SW Education Liaison
Carolyn Gruber
Email: Coalition4Excellence@gwscsw.org


Consortium for Psychoanalytic Research Liaison
Melissa Grady
Email: ConsortiumPR@gwscsw.org


Pro Bono Counseling Project, MD Liaison
Gil Bliss
Email: MDProBono@gwscsw.org

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