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DC Legislation Updates

 GWSCSW legislation and advocacy as a program, not a committee. 

The legislative program has a director to coordinate and support the efforts of the three committees and to keep the GWSCSW officers informed. The focus of the legislative program is deliberately narrow. We are not in competition with NASW, which has a broad political and social agenda. NASW has a political PAC; they endorse candidates; they take stands on issues like war, gun control, and so on. Members of GWSCSW may personally support those important positions, but our Society advocacy centers on issues of importance to clinical social workers as professionals: mental health issues and clinical social work licensing/practice issues.

Legislative and Advocacy Committee

The GWSCSW Legislative Program has three active committees: the Maryland Legislative Committee, the DC Legislative Committee, and the Virginia Legislative Committee. Each is responsive to issues in its particular jurisdiction; committee members learn about issues, meet with legislators, attend meetings and hearings, offer testimony, write letters, organize grassroots email campaigns, keep members informed with legislative alerts, and provide the Society with a voice in the decisionmaking process. 

Acting Director:  Judy Gallant jg708@columbia.edu
DC Chair: Margot Aronson malevin@erols.com

Please refer to the alerts below to learn more about legislation and advocacy activities in the state of DC.

Check back frequently for new information

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