Virginia Legislative Advocacy

Legislative Branch Director:  Judy Gallant
Virginia Co-chairs:
udy Ratliff, LCSW and Wayne Martin, LCSW

We are the co-chairs for the Virginia Legislative and Advocacy committee of the GWSCSW Legislative Branch. As such we both attend-now virtually- all meetings of the Virginia Society for Clinical Social Work (VSCSW) Legislative Committee and stay in communication with the VSCSW’s representative to the Virginia Board of Social Work (VBSW). As part of this we meet via zoom with the VSCSW lobbyist Ms. Sue Rowland to address legislative issues of our member who hold a Virginia license.

GWSCSW shares the cost of the lobbyist, Ms. Rowland's role is to address the legislative concerns of both Societies and keep us appraised of proposed legislation that will impact our Virginia members and their clients. The VSCSW legislative committee meets with Ms. Rowland weekly or as needed during the Virginia General Assembly sessions (starting in early January).

LICENSING REQUIREMENTS FOR TELE-HEALTH SESSIONS ACROSS STATE JURISDICTIONS: An email was written to the VBSW asking for clarification of the licensing rules for tele-health provided by Maryland or D.C. Licensees for residents of Virginia. The following response was received via email from Licensing Specialist Sharnice Vaughan. Please read the email and address any questions directly to Ms. Vaughan. 


 (Donna this is where you would INSERT the full letter/response from Ms. Vaughan. I will forward the letter to you separately so you can cleanly copy and paste it below.)

LICENSING INFORMATION: Finally, this is most important: It is the responsibility of those members who hold a Virginia license to be knowledgeable about the CURRENT regulations of the VBSW.  Not know is not an excuse!  The regulations do change. In Virginia the regulations define  the rules of practice and are legally enforced by the Virginia Board of Social Work. When new regulations are proposed they can be viewed in the “Town Hall” section of the VBSW website. There is always a period for public comment on proposed regulations. All relevant websites are listed below. Web address for the Virginia Board of Social Work:  Email address is: socialwork@dhp.virginia. gov     Main phone number for VBSW is : 804-367-4441

(Donna as a reminder- I want to include Judy Ratliff’s most recent newsletter article (May/June 2021) in the home page as it sums up the actions of the Virginia General Assembly for the 2021 legislative session. You can archive or delete the legislative information that is currently in the home page which is from 2019.  Thank you, email me if you have any questions; or call: 757-855-0227 (land line); 757-348-1785 (cell). )
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