VA Legislative Advocacy | September 2023

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 12:02 PM | Anonymous

Since securing the services of Mark Smith as the new lobbyist for the GWSCSW and the VSCSW, all has been quiet this summer. Of MOST importance is that all 140 seats of the Virginia General Assembly (GA) will be up for vote this November 7th - election day. Virginia is one of the few states to hold statewide elections in this “off year.”

The composition of the GA will determine the type of legislation to be proposed. It will decide how pro-active or re-active the GWSCSW and the VSCSW will need to be during the legislative session. Our number one priority is the Social Work Interstate Compact. The interstate compact must pass the Virginia General Assembly and be signed by the Governor to become law. It is a totally political process. This will mean that members of the GWSCW who live (and vote in) Virginia will need to become politically active. We will need to contact - or better yet - visit our representatives (delegates or senators) and urge their support for the Compact bill. There are resources available that more fully explain the Compact and you can access the complete text of the compact from there. CSWA has developed some materials that will help with lobbying and can be accessed here. Members of the General Assembly can be most impacted by hearing from you the difference the Compact will make to the citizens of Virginia, your clients, and to our profession.

What would be helpful - now- is to be active in the campaign of your chosen candidate for office in your House or Senate district. That is the best way to encourage their support later on. There is no substitute for political involvement DURING a campaign and before the election. Once the composition of the Legislature is known - which party is in charge of the House of Delegates and the Senate - we will be better able to strategize and assess the situation.

The Virginia Legislative & Advocacy Committee of GWSCSW does NEED volunteers. There is a strong need for 2-3 individuals who live (and practice) in Northern Virginia to be part of this committee. Please contact L&A Branch Director Judy Gallant ( and VA L&A Committee Chair Wayne Martin ( if you are interested.
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