March 2022

Monday, April 11, 2022 9:03 PM | Anonymous

As I write this, in January, I have just had a small dinner party at my home with four boosted and tested friends, the first social event I have been part of since the weather turned cold. I am reminded of how isolated many of us feel, both personally and professionally. We, in the leadership team, wish that we could move off of Zoom and resume our monthly meetings together; I have never met most of my hardworking leadership team in person. The meet and greets that used to take place in living rooms around the tri-state region have moved online and all of our programs are done with us facing screens. I miss the immediacy of real-life connection with my team and all of our membership.

But since we are still Zoom-bound, let me share that our Society is working well on many levels. We are staying on top of the new legislative issues that affect our practices, like the no-surprise measure and coordinating with our sister societies and our home base association, the CSWA, to find solutions. We are focused on new bills that are coming before our local state legislatures and coordinating with our lobbyists. Our listserv is active, relevant and immeasurably valuable for keeping us informed about changes quickly. I always say that our membership is our greatest asset, and let me thank those of you who use the listserv to find and receive referrals, or share needed information. You are a treasure!

We are using social media (for the first time, finally) to boost greater interest, awareness, membership and program attendance in GWSCSW. It’s working! Our new website redesign also makes life easier and connects us better to our public.

We are also hosting solid, clinical, cutting-edge educational programs and proud that our first ever “Trauma Treatment Conference” in February features two nationally-known experts, who are both members of our Society! Lisa Ferentz and Deany Laliotis stepped forward to share their current thinking and teaching during this time of trauma as the new normal. We are thrilled at the response from members in registering for the programs and salute the generosity of Lisa and Deany to give back and present for us.

It is also time for me to begin to reach out to the membership to find my replacement. My term as your President will be over this summer and our elections for a new Board take place in April. I welcome the chance to mentor the next person who moves into this position. We will be actively recruiting members to consider running for open positions on the Board and I hope you will think about stepping forward to join in the governance of the GWSCW. It’s a wonderful way to meet others and to have a say and impact in the important social work issues we face right now.

I will stay on the Board as “past President” to help guide whoever comes next, so that your transition can be as easy and seamless as possible. Please let me know if you have interest in this or any other position and I will help you learn about the process of running and be glad if I can help welcome you to consider being a part of the next GWSCSW leadership team.
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