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The MD Department of Health is working to identify individuals to serve on a legislatively-mandated Workgroup on Black, Latino, Asian American Pacific Islander and Other Underrepresented Behavioral Health Professionals.” This group was established by HB 97 in 2022 and its effective date was extended one year by HB 615 this past session.

The Workgroup shall: 

  1. identify and study the shortage of behavioral health professionals in the State who are Black, Latino, Asian American Pacific Islander, or otherwise  underrepresented in the behavioral health profession; and 

  2. assess and make recommendations on incentives or other methods to increase the number of underrepresented minorities.

This is not a bill that the GWSCSW was specifically requested to appoint someone to serve on the Workgroup; however, they are now actively seeking people to serve in seats that have not yet been filled:

  • a representative from the behavioral health profession

  • an individual who provides social services

  • 2 representatives from professional associations that are made up of and primarily work to represent and support underrepresented behavioral health professionals

  • a representative from a hospital network in the state that primarily serve Black, Latino or Asian American Pacific Islanders

This is another opportunity to be involved in a Social Justice issue with the Society. Please let Judy Gallant know ( if you are interested in serving on this workgroup.
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