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Learning to Use the Enneagram System of Temperament Styles with Clients (Session 2)

  • Friday, April 08, 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM


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  • $15 per credit hour

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Presenter: Lynn Turner, PhD, LCSW

Three Sessions - March 25, April 8, May 13

CEUs:  Category 1 | 3 CEUs per workshop/Total CEUs if all three attended 

“Why did I do that?” asked my client. Knowing the 9 Enneagram temperament styles has given my clients a tool for understanding their innate reactions in life. Each style has an energy field which interacts with others and the environment in a special way. We are all unique but knowing our innate attributes and frailties can add immeasurably to therapeutic treatments. I like to teach with stories of real people in each style, so participants in this workshop see Enneagram styles come alive.

The 5’s energy, for instance, is very held back, by nature. For a 5 to grow up in, be nurtured by, a chaotic, loud, busy family can leave the 5 feeling out of step, misunderstood, even odd. The 8’s energy is loud, bossy, physical and blunt. For an 8 to grow up in a quiet (5ish) family of book readers, the 8 will cause trouble just to “wake-up” the family. An 8 colleague told me that her mother gave up controlling her when she was very young (4). 

As a therapist, understanding the ramifications of our clients’ Enneagram styles gives us insights and tools for increasing client self-esteem and encouraging social adeptness within the confines of the energetic style. I learned about my self, a 2, that in my 30’s and earlier I made decisions based on the best interest of others. With Enneagram knowledge I now check in with myself to see what’s best for me before responding to others.

This workshop will teach the 9 innate Enneagram Temperament styles three at a time in each of the sessions using the three Triads. These are reflected in the Triune Brain: the Emotional Triad, the Mental Triad and the Gut/Strength Triad. Childhood reactions for each Enneagram style will be examined for gifts and burdens. Volunteers have offered to record their own understandings of their Enneagram styles and these are included in the sessions. Break-out rooms will give participants time to share their experiences of Enneagram styles. 

    Session 2: Friday, April 8, 2022 | 10:00 am - 1:30 pm 

    1. Review of the 9 inborn Temperament Styles of the Enneagram.
    2. Deeper dive into the Triune Brain and the 3 Triads: the Emotional, The Mental, and the Gut/Strength.
    3. In-depth with the Mental Triad: the 5 Observer, the 6 Trooper/Doubter and the 7 Optimist.
    4. The interplay of childhood with those in the Mental Triad: the nature/nurture dilemma.
    5. Interviews with a 5, a 6, and a 7. What it’s like to carry these 3 different energy styles: the gifts and the burdens.
    6. Break-out rooms: what styles do you know in your life?
    7. Discussion with questions.


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