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GWSCSW Book Meet-Up: Discuss Unchain My Legacy

  • Friday, September 21, 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Next Place Therapy Services1300 Mercantile Lane Suite 100 E Largo, Maryland 20774
  • 6


Presenter: Sabra Sarnes

"When something difficult happens, failure, set backs, heartbreaks, disappointment, etc., we have a tenancy to want to disown the stories that don't fit with who we think we want to be. But we have two choices; 1. Deny the story and be defined by it for the rest of our lives or 2. Own the story and write our own ending." -Dr. Brene Brown, Rising Strong.

In this book Unchain My Legacy 12 amazing women of color co-authors found the courage to own and share their stories or hurt, abuse, and pain. They also shared how they found hope in repair, restoration, and real relationships with others and most importantly themselves.

Pain. Denial. Struggle. Poverty. Disappointment. We all make choices, and sometimes we 

immediately see the results or consequences; some good… some not so good. And, some have a devastating effect on those we love for generations to come. What do we do about those? 

In Unchain My Legacy, each author exposes the truth of their stories; revealing the decisions that have threatened to shackle them, along with the future of their children and their children’s children in a never-ending chain of bondage…It’s time to break the links; to look our choices in the face and say, ͞No more

The presenter, Sabra and her twin were adopted as infants in a closed adoption. Growing up in a transracial family in the Midwest had many joys and challenges. Sabra and her family experienced racism and discrimination as a transracial family. Sabra learned to persevere and be a strong advocate for herself. And at a young age, she knew she wanted to help others.

  • Particpants will discuss how sharing our stories can help us to self-reflect and self-accept are choices and decisions in life.
  • Participants will discuss how to the authors chose to process their set backs, heartbreaks, disappointment and abandonments that have held them back from moving on in life.
  • Participants will discover ways to navigate relational challenges with others through repairing and restoring through self-discovery.
  • Participants will explore how unchaining our own legacies is a way to break a generational cycle for our children and future children.

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