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One Couple Two Faiths: Working with Interfaith Couples

  • Thursday, November 01, 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Forest Hills of DC | 4901 Connecticut Ave Washington, DC 20008
  • 43


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Presenter: Marion L. Usher, MSSW, Ph.D

Category 1 | 3 CEUs 

Description: This is for social workers who are working with couples who are experiencing religious difficulties. Coming from different religions they have yet to confront the many issues when backgrounds are different and they see no possible resolution to their problems. Co-creating a religious life together requires new skills and the capacity to tolerate loss and disappointment.


Participants will: 

  1. Learn about the various conflicts that can arise when two religions are in the home and decisions have not yet been made as to what will occur in the home.
  2. Learn how to help the couple acquire the skills necessary to navigate the process.
  3. Learn how to help the couple examine what each person values and how their own religion guides them in their daily life.
  4. Teach the couple different ways in which they can improve their marriage.
  • Describe a model for how to do this type of work e.g. "Love and Religion: A Workshop for Jews and Their Partners."
  • Participants will look at the role religion plays in their own lives.
  • The components of a religious identity will be explored.
  • A review of the effectiveness if an early intervention model will be presented.
Recommended Reading:

Marion L. Usher, Ph.D. "One Couple Two Faiths; Stories of Love and Religion." available from the instructor or on Amazon. 

Gabrielle Glaser, "Strangers to the Tribe."
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