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Wednesday, September 01, 2021 5:15 PM | Anonymous

Chana Lockerman, Social Media Committee Chair

I was standing at the bus stop for camp the other day, chatting with other parents and looking at the news on my phone. Parents were parking their cars, helping children out, putting on sunscreen and bug spray, making sure that faces were masked and hats on, waving goodbye and blowing kisses as the bus pulled away. Most everyone was dressed for work: dress shirt on the top, bike shorts or comfies on the bottom. It was both incongruous and normal. I too was wearing a dress shirt on top, paired with stretch pants and sneakers. Another parent remarked that they spend the day on the computer and could never imagine heading off to offer a day’s worth of therapy. I laughed because now I’m on the computer too. In fact, before the pandemic, I worked off an old and slow computer, having no need for computerized speed. Now I head home in my work-from-home outfit to sit in front of a computer like everyone else. I’m on a new and faster computer now, with better screen resolution. I’ve finally gotten those reading glasses so I can better see the keyboard and screen (we could use a column about denial to explore my feelings about achieving middle age).

It just so happened that on the day I stood there laughing with that other parent because now I work on a computer too, I saw the announcement from CVS that they would start offering mental health services via their in-store clinics. I tried to imagine myself into the role that those social workers are taking on. It must be an intense and difficult job! There is no way to know who is walking in the door and with what problems and psychopathologies. It feels in keeping with trends toward teletherapy – we are being asked to help people with whom we may have less connection and less resources to help.

In the last Tech Talk column, we learned about the prevalence of new practice models for members, often technology-based. Today we’re asking how to support our members in the new reality. Please write in with your questions, thoughts, and meditations on the new and quickly evolving practice models and how we can support each other toward success and fulfillment.

In the meantime, I’ll show up with my crazy but normal outfits, pop on those reading glasses, and look forward to sharing ideas with you. Laughs about teletherapy also appreciated.
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