greater washington society
for clinical social work

Promoting the highest standards of clinical social work practice through education, advocacy, and community.


The GWSCSW board is a fun, dynamic group - we love to learn from each other - and that strong board chemistry goes far in ensuring our Society's success. 
  • Get to know the current team, ask questions, volunteer for a committee, join in the listserv discussions
  • Think about all the wonderful skills you can bring to the position and how your talents can create value for the organization - you may be a financial guru, someone who works great with others, the detailed planner and organizer, or simply one of those down to earth people who is pretty good at a bunch of stuff!
  • Your time commitment is based on what you can offer - do you have alot of time to dedicate to a specific role, or is your time more limited? All the positions can be co-chaired so find a friend and embark on this journey together!



2 Vice-Presidents - OPEN
Secretary - OPEN


Director of Community - OPEN

Committee Chairs (or Co-Chairs) and Members:

Virginia L&A - OPEN
Maryland L&A - Need a Co-Chair to work with Judy Gallant - OPEN
Volunteer Coordinator - OPEN
Continuing Ed (need Chair/Co-Chairs and committee members) - OPEN

The GWSCSW Executive Committee consists of the elected Officers of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer; and/or elected or appointed Directors.  The Executive Committee has the authority to make Society decisions and ensures that these decisions are carried out.  This June, we will be looking to fill the following officer positions.  


  • Presides over board and executive committee meetings
  • “Chief Volunteer,” the president works with the board, staff and community to further the Society's mission
  • Helps to influence how the board uses its time, the selection of board members and its future leadership

Skills and Qualities

Many characteristics combine to make a successful board president. They include demonstrated community leadership; being respected by board members, and the community; able to lead the board in handling difficult issues; and, the ability to communicate, listen and seek input from others. The president should feel comfortable delegating. Strong group dynamic skills are essential to keep meetings running smoothly and to deal with any conflicts that may arise.

Vice President 

  • Fills in for the President in his/her absence
  • Assists the President in furthering the mission of the Society
  • May be asked to lead a special project and may initiate a project of their own interest

Skills and Qualities

The board Vice President is prepared to serve as the board president, as necessary.


  • Maintains records of the board and ensures effective management of organization’s records 
  • Records minutes of board meetings 
  • Is sufficiently familiar with Society documents to note applicability during meetings

Skills and Qualities

The board Secretary provides great organization and communication skills.  The Secretary is most useful when his or her role is shaped to meet the unique structure and needs of the organization, rather than filling a standard job description.

The following list of Committee Chairs will be available in the spring. (All positions can be co-chaired.)  Committee members are part of the Board of Directors and have input into all significant decisions.

Director of Community:  Oversees all activities and adviser to the Community Branch consisting of the following committees:  Annual Dinner Committee, Early Career Committee, Membership Committee, Nominating Committee, Retiree Committee, and Wine & Cheese Committee.

Continuing Education Chair: Responsible for planning educational events and meetings.  

Maryland Legislative Chair 

Virginia Legislative Co-Chair

  • Serves as the point of contact for members of that jurisdiction regarding ​advocacy and legislative concerns.
  • Along with committee members, and with guidance from the jurisdictional ​lobbyist (if appropriate) and Branch Director, decides on positions ​the Society will or will not take on proposed legislation and ​regulations.
  • Informs hired lobbyist of Society positions and instructs lobbyist in ​subsequent tasks (which may include drafting of bills, position ​papers, etc.).
  • Writes or approves position papers and testimony that may be provided to ​legislators.
  • May provide signature on official correspondence, as appropriate, and ​when signature is not needed from Branch Director or President.
  • Plans meetings with legislators for membership of jurisdiction, as ​appropriate (possibly luncheon or dinner mtg). 
  • Along with the jurisdictional lobbyist, acts as main contact for legislators. 
  • Submits Committee report for each newsletter to Branch Director for ​review, and keeps membership informed through additional ​articles ​and notices and responses to questions on the listserv.

Volunteer Chair

Helps to solicit volunteers for the various committees.  

University Liaison Chair

Works with local universities to promote membership, events and coordinate understanding of Society.

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