Anti-Racism Taskforce (ART) - A brief report and suggestion for your own journey!

Tuesday, June 01, 2021 4:06 PM | Anonymous

Anti-Racism Taskforce: Hannah Davis | Karla Abney | Mike Giordano | Margot Lamson | Kate Rossier | Wendi Kaplan

During our Brave Space Dialogue in February, the Anti-Racism Taskforce (ART) shared a Continuum on Becoming Anti-Racist. The continuum explores the culture shift that needs to take place to move from a monocultural to an anti-racist multicultural organization.

After such a robust conversation during the Brave Space Dialogue, we thought it was important to share an overview of this work with the whole Society. It’s important to note this work is viewed on a continuum, meaning it’s fluid and you and/or the organization can slide up and down the continuum in various ways. We realize on this journey of anti-racism it may be hard to fit yourself into one specific category and it’s important to remain fluid and be a continuous learner. 

Monocultural → Multicultural → Anti-Racist → Anti-Racist Multicultural 
Racial and Cultural Differences Seen as Deficits -> Tolerant Racial and Cultural Differences -> Racial and Cultural Differences Seen as Assets

Moving from Monocultural to Anti-Racist Multicilutural Organization

 Racial and cultural differences seen as defects  Tolerant of racial and cultural differences  Racial and cultural differences seen as assets
Exclusive: An exclusionary institution that intentionally and publicly excludes or segregates non-Whites and Whites. It enforces a status quo in the organization.

Passive: A passive institution can be thought of as a “good ol’ boys” club or network. It allows in “others” with a “proper” perspective and credentials. Monocultural norms of the dominant culture are viewed as the “right way.”

 Symbolic Change:  A symbolic change organization may make a statement and feels it’s a non-racist institution with open doors, but in reality there’s little change in the culture and policies of the organization.

Identity Change: An identity change organization has a growing understanding of racism as a barrier to its work and mission. It as an increased commitment to dismantle racism, yet the culture may still maintain White privilege.

 Structural Change: A structural change institution is transforming. There is a commitment to the process of intentional, institutional restructuring and it works to actively ensure full participation. Structures, policies and practices begin to shift to promote power sharing.

Fully inclusive: A fully inclusive institution has full participation from all and shares power. There is a sense of restored community and mutual caring, and members of this institution work as allies with others in combating all forms of social oppression.

Based on work by Bailey Jackson and Rita Hardiman and expanded by Andrea Avazian, Ronice Branding and Melia LaCour
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